Animal and Human Doppelgangers

Have you ever met two unrelated people who look exactly alike? Probably maybe not together but they still look alike and there is every likelihood they have and may never see each other. But you try to take a picture of one to show to the other. Hell, some have even insisted that they met the other person somewhere so why are they pretending? Some are even bold to ask the doppelganger if they have a twin.

But what if that doppelganger wasn’t a person but an animal?! Yep. There is a Dog who wants to make America great by doppelganging trump!


Oh my. If you are still guessing who the president of the dog world in America is, look no further. He and trump may be meeting anytime soon to have talks about building dog pens that can be sent to the moon…


So Trump is not the only one who has an ally in the dog kingdom after all. Sweet. He is a Russian spy in the US. But he is hiding in plain sight and watching everything! He is not called a watchdog for no reason.


Not all animals like or have look-alikes in politics. Some prefer doing business and keeping a serious face even when those they look like are fun and like to have a good laugh. He doesn’t look like a ‘Virgin’ dog though. *bark*bark*bark*


Who says doppelganger dogs don’t enjoy Paparazzi too. With that smirky look, he is just trying to tell Harrison Ford, “I don’t look like you. You look like me. You’ve sniffed around so much now you’ve got a bent nose.”


Big dogs don’t piss with puppies. “You think I’m smiling?” Dog Travolta asked. “You might be John but I run things around here. Wipe that smile off.”


You should let me played the part in Django unchained. I’m more loyal and you know that.


Finally, the cute William D Macy the Dog all set to meet William H. Macy on the Red Carpet.¬†Don’t look at me like that…

All image sources from Pinterest. 

Do you have a doppelganger human or animal?

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